New map of critical Raw Materials in Europe

A new map showing the occurrences of critical raw materials in Europe has been released by the Minerals Resources Expert Group of EuroGeoSurveys. In particular, the Document shows European mineral deposits from the ProMine Mineral Deposit database as containing critical commodities, according to the list of critical raw materials of the European Commission.

Europe’s industry and economy depends on a secure and good access to many commodities. In 2010, the European Commission identified 14 critical non energy non-agricultural raw materials. Criticality is based on both the scarcity of supply and the importance of the material to European industry. The list has been updated and expanded over time. Today, it includes the following critical materials: antimony, beryllium, boron, fluorspar, phosphate, gallium, germanium, graphite, indium, silicon, cobalt, coke, chrome magnesite, magnesium, niobium, platinum group metals, light and heavy rare earth elements and tungsten. Such list is deemed strategically important for many product areas, not least in environmental technology.

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