Segovia brings together the Directors of EGS-ASGMI Geological Surveys: a perspective from the Spanish press

The Spanish newspapers “Adelantado de Segovia” and “El Norte de Castilla” reported about the EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) -Association of Geological and Mining Surveys of Ibero-America (ASGMI) Workshop held in Madrid from the 19th to 23rd of October, of which field trip “Urban geology and natural risks inside the city of Segovia” took place in Segovia on the 22nd October.

The meeting of the Directors of the Geological Surveys of Europe and Latin American, as well as USA and Canada, has been particularly welcomed by the local press. The Memorandum of Understanding signed between EGS and ASGMI represents indeed a historical moment, possibly leading to funding opportunities for geological cooperation between the two continents under Horizon 2020. Moreover, the field trip allowed participants to discover the geological heritage of Segovia, and see a place where the human activities interfered with the geological process since more than 60,000 years, producing situations of natural risks and the exploitation of geological resources.

The full article are available in Spanish:

2015-10-23, El Norte de Castilla, pag 12
2015-10-23, El Adelantado de Segovia, pag 14
2015-10-22, El Norte de Castilla, pag 8
2015-10-20, El Adelantado de Segovia, pag 10


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