This online training course is offered by Illustre Colegio Oficial de Geólogos and is addressed to Mining companies, geologists, mining engineers, mining managers, legislators and regulators and EU Commission officials as well as scholars interested in the mining legislation currently in force in Europe and the incredible variety of its defining factors.

The course gives information on mining legislation covering all the 28 EU members, as well as the accessing countries, and some other European countries which are considered of interest for mining companies.

Duration: The training course will have a duration of 200 h, including tutoring and evaluations.

Dates: 14th September to 1st November 2015

Direction: Manuel Regueiro y González-Barros, EuroGeol, Honorary Professor of the Dpt of Crystallography & Mineralogy of the Faculty of Geology. University Complutense of Madrid.

Total number of credits: approximately 200

For more detailed information and background of the initiative, please visit http://www.icog.es/cursos/index.php/on-line-european-mining-legislation-training-course/ or download the icog.es-ON-LINE EUROPEAN MINING LEGISLATION TRAINING COURSE (1)


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