FUCINO 2015 | EGS – EPOS Workshop

EuroGeoSurveys will participate to FUCINO 2015 – 6th INIQUA International Workshop. The event will celebrate the centenary of the 1915 M7 Fucino earthquake, one of the most devastating earthquakes occurred in the Apennines.

EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) and the European Plate Observing System (EPOS), an integrated solid EarthSciences research infrastructure aimed at promoting innovative approaches, organize a joint Workshop on Tuesday 21 April, 17.00 – 18.30. The Workshop aims at showing to the Fucino 2015 participants the activities carried out in the frame of earth sciences research infrastructure initiatives.

EPOS and EuroGeoSurveys representatives will sign a Memorandum of Understanding for future joint collaboration.

In particular, EuroGeoSurveys decided to establish a European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI), a cornerstone of EGS strategy that supports the development of a European Geological Service. The EGDI will support policy makers, industry and academia in addressing Europe’s societal challenges by making interoperable geological data and information available in a uniform way. One of the most obvious user groups for the geological information is EPOS, which will be implemented in the coming years and aims at creating a pan‐European infrastructure for solid Earth science to support a safe and sustainable society.

Therefore the MoU purpose is to ensure a long-term cooperation between the two initiatives regarding integration and exchange of data, information, systems and knowledge. In that way the value of data and infrastructures are optimized to serve the interests of all potential users of the two systems to the widest possible extent.

The EPOS will invite the participants of the forthcoming EGU General Assembly to the EPOS Townhall Meeting (TM8) on Tuesday April 14 2015 from 19:00 – 20:00 in Room B8. The meeting will discuss about the relevance of integrating research infrastructures and will be a forum for a broad debate with the scientific community.

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