Minerals4EU Project Stakeholders engagement event in London

The Minerals4EU Project was presented at the Stakeholders Engagement event on Tuesday 11th November 2014, at the offices of the worldwide leading accounting network Grant Thornton UK LLP. The event, aimed at engaging with stakeholders at all stages to steer future project developments, has seen a fruitful private-public debate in the context of exploiting the EU minerals rich endowment. The project, which is designed to meet the recommendations of the EU Raw Materials Initiative (RMI), will produce the most comprehensive and official European Minerals Yearbook as well as a foresight study on raw material supply and demand in Europe. A Raw Materials Knowledge Base will make available harmonized data and information from different EU sources. Sound and relevant data will reduce risks. The initial data will be available through a web portal, free-of-charge, from next January.

The event was attended by senior professionals of major companies involved with the mining sector, high level representatives of EU Institutions and the project scientific staff. The feedback of the stakeholders has been positive, with many guests openly welcoming the initiative and showing interest towards the market potential demand. Part of the audience requested to receive further information on this and EC alike initiatives. Also, it was highlighted the need to include in the project data layers containing licence (cadastral) information. This aspect is being addressed by the European Commission and further developments are expected.

More information can be found at http://www.minerals4eu.eu

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