Central European National Geological Surveys’ Expert Workshop Nov29


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Central European National Geological Surveys’ Expert Workshop

Based on the conclusions from the Central European (CE) National Geological Surveys (NGS) Directors’ meeting in Maribor, May 2017, the State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur initiated, hosted and organized on 22nd  and 23rd November 2017 in Bratislava the first workshop of experts from the CE NGSs of Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. This event was attended by Secretary General of the EuroGeoSurveys, Slavko Solar as well. The purpose of the workshop was to find out the real potential and fighting power of the mentioned geological surveys. In total 41 foreign and Slovak experts presented the actual state of affaires and exchanged their experiences within four working groups for geological mapping, raw materials, hydrogeology including geothermal energy and geohazards. The findings and facts will be the subject of analysis and elaboration of recommendations for future prospective cooperation in Central Europe.








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