4 February

Primary and secondary Raw Materials are essential to Europe’s economy and growth. The Minerals Intelligence Capacity Analysis (MICA) Project responds to the need to build a Raw Materials Knowledge Base at EU level, contributing to past and ongoing efforts by several EU projects and as part of the transitional phase towards this goal. The MICA Partners gathered together for the first time at the Project kick-off meeting held in Copenhagen on the 2-4 February 2016.
The overall objective of MICA is to provide stakeholders with the best possible information, in a seamless and flexible way using a Web-based platform, the European Union Raw Materials Intelligence Capacity Platform (EU-RMICP). To reach this ambitious goal, MICA brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts, from natural and technical to social sciences, to ensure that the raw materials intelligence is collected, stored and made accessible according to stakeholders needs.
The kick-off meeting, which included Technical Workshops, aimed at presenting all the Work Packages under which the activities will be carried and it introduced all the partners involved. The EU representatives presented the relevant policy frameworks and their expectations from the project. In particular, Mr Slavko Solar from the European Commission DG GROW, said that it is expected that MICA will contribute to shape the EU policy on Raw Materials and will foster the cooperation among past, current and future projects tackling the same issues. The cooperation with the industry, the KIC Raw Materials and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is also considered as essential during the project lifetime. Indeed, representatives of those parties are part of the Advisory Board of the MICA Project.

The MICA Project is coordinated by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). The consortium includes Geological Surveys (GEUS, BGS, BRGM, BGR, GTK, GeoZS), Research Institutions (F-ISI & JRC), Universities (UL-CML, UJF-LIG, NTNU, UCL ISR), Professional Associations (EFG, EGS) and two SME (MinPol, LPRC). Moreover a group of 15 European Geological Surveys is contributing to the work of the MICA project as third parties.
To learn more about the Project please contact

EuroGeoSurveys – Web: www.eurogeosurveys.org/
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +32 2 888 75 53

GEUS – Ms Nynke Keulen, Project Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +2 99 56 23 45   Mobile+299 36 12 61

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